Dua Lipa says 80 out of the 97 songs she wrote for new album are “terrible”

Dua Lipa wrote a ton of songs from her upcoming album, but she says most of them were pretty bad.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 8, Dua spoke about how she bought a notebook at CVS and, starting in 2021, she wrote all the songs from her upcoming album in it — 97 in all.  When Kimmel asked Dua, “Are any of them terrible?” Dua admitted, “Yes! Lots! About, like, 80 of them!”

“The second I write a song, I know it’s good or not or whether it’s close,” she explained. “Every song on this album unlike any of the other records I’ve made, I’ve gone in and I’ve re-written it over and over again, until I felt like it was perfect, which I didn’t really have the confidence to do on my previous records.”

One of the songs that made the cut, “Training Season,” is out February 15. She debuted it at the Grammys, as part of a performance that also included “Houdini” and “Dance the Night.”

Dua refused to reveal the title of her album or its release date to Kimmel. However, he urged her to take the opportunity of a lifetime and release it on February 29 — “Leap Day.” Get it? Leap Day? Dua Lipa?

Dua laughed at that, but denied that’s when the album is coming out.

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