Dua Lipa gives us “everything” as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live

Dua Lipa pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live on May 4, and she announced that she was determined to make us forget that “Go girl, give us nothing” meme that’s dogged her career for years. “Tonight, I promise, I’m gonna give you everything!” she declared — and proceeded to pretty much do it.

In addition to performing two songs from her new album Radical Optimism — “Illusion” and “Happy for You” — Dua also appeared in every single sketch and prerecorded piece, skipping only the cold open and Weekend Update. She also showed off a variety of accents, including Southern and New York. Here are a few of them:

A return of the character from the Ana de Armas episode: Young Spicy, a producer who wants voiceover artists to record sexy intros for his tracks. Dua and Ego Nwodim play the women, who sing increasingly insulting things about him.

A Challengers-inspired sketch where Dua plays a woman who collects Sonny Angel figurines, and pits one of them — hilariously played by Bowen Yang — against an actual guy she has a date with.

A prerecorded piece inspired by The Elephant Man: Dua plays a woman in London in 1897 who falls in love with a hideously disfigured playwright, only to find out he’s secretly sexting a bunch of other women with multiple secret phones.

A sketch about a Southern TV morning show, where Dua plays a hilariously clueless “culture critic” who attempts to explain the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud.

A return of the jingle-singing duo from the Jenna Ortega-hosted episode: Dua is the tough-talking head of a flooring company, who hires them to create a song based around the company’s impossible-to-remember phone number.

Of note: Dua’s “Illusion” performance was introduced by Troye Sivan, for whom Dua opened back in 2016.

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