Dua Lipa assures fans that despite new sound, she’ll “keep people dancing”

Dua Lipa has spoken about how her Golden Globe-nominated song “Dance the Night” was the last gasp of her disco era before she moved onto her new sound.  But now, the singer says her new music will still get fans out on the floor.

In December, Dua told the Los Angeles Times that when she was asked to write a disco song for the Barbie soundtrack, she thought, “’Oh, f***, I’m moving away from [disco] for my new album.’” But then, she says, she came around to the idea: “I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I’ve got one more in me.’”

But at the Golden Globes on January 7, when Dua was asked by Billboard to describe her new album, she indicated that for her, disco may not be dead after all.

“It’s more psychedelic,” Dua said of her new music. “I think sonically, it’s pretty different. I’m excited for more new music and people to hear it. But one thing’s for sure: I’m just gonna keep people dancing.”

So far, all we’ve heard of Dua’s new album is the single “Houdini.” Perhaps she’ll reveal more details when she appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, January 9.

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