Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers get matching tattoos

Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers are now “bonded for life” — after they got matching tattoos on his talk show on January 9.

When the two taped a “Day Drinking” segment for Late Night with Seth Meyers a few weeks ago, they promised each other they’d get tattoos, so Seth brought celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy to the set to dispense the ink. At first, Seth, who doesn’t have any tattoos, said they’d each get a single dot, but Dua said they should get stars instead, much to Seth’s chagrin.

The two each took several shots before submitting to Bang Bang: Dua, who said she had “like, 20” tattoos, got inked on her ankle, while Seth chose his calf.  Bang Bang then offered to let Dua tattoo Seth, but despite the audience cheering at that suggestion, Seth nixed the idea. He continued drinking while the tiny tattoo was completed, and didn’t seem too bothered by the pain.

During the “Day Drinking” segment, which aired in December, Dua and Seth got totally wasted on cocktails inspired by Dua’s song “Houdini” and did copious amounts of shots as well.

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