Doja Cats message to parents: Keep your kids away from my concerts

Plenty of artists who have young fans don’t seem to have a problem with using explicit language in their songs, including Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. But artists don’t normally tell those young fans not to come see them in concert, where they’ll be using that explicit language — until now.

On April 26, Doja Cat wrote on social media, “idk what the f*** you think this is but i don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf*****.”

On her song “F*** the Girls,” from her album Scarlet, Doja addressed this subject, talking about how people shouldn’t see her as a role model for their kids. “Since when was y’all my bastard children? Go ‘head and raise y’all self,” she rapped. “Come get ya bada** kids.”

Many fans agreed with Doja, pointing out that those explicit content labels are on her music for a reason. One fan claimed Doja wouldn’t be anywhere without her young fans, while another one joked, “ok but what if my toddler f**** with the music tho? He just wanna crowd surf Doja come onnn.”

Following two headlining performances at Coachella, Doja is now headed to the U.K. and Europe for headlining and festival appearances.

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