Doja Cat says she’s “fine” after shaving her hair, eyebrows

Doja Cat is letting fans know her latest stunt — shaving her head and eyebrows — is not a cry for help.

The “Say So” rapper took to Instagram Live to let her followers know she is happy to be hair-free. Her fan account recorded the video and shared highlights on Twitter.

“I’m rich. I’m fine,” Doja declared. “The whole ‘Are you OK queen?’ s*** makes me want to rip the hair that I guess I have left out.”

The rapper clarified that she means the hair on her private parts, but hinted that is also heading out the door because, just like the hair she has on her head: “I absolutely hate it.”

Doja is also unhappy that having hair is seen as a sign of health. “People think that, for some reason, I’m not well because I don’t have hair on my face or head?  It’s just a wild f***ing world,” she exclaimed. “Shaving my head made me feel really good!”

Doja has been expressing herself through her eyebrows by drawing them on and using little fun designs like hearts to make them pop.

She also said shaving her head has shown her who her true fans are, adding that those who suddenly don’t like her “aren’t worth it.”

“Nothing changed! I just have no hair,” the Grammy winner quipped. She also added in another Instagram Live video that she finds her new look “sexy.”  

Doja shaved her hair last week and revealed she never enjoyed having hair because it was tiresome to maintain. While she swears she is fine, fans have been comparing her to Britney Spears, who infamously shaved her head in 2007 as she was grappling with her mental health.

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