Demi Lovato’s new podcast, ‘4D with Demi Lovato,’ launching May 19

After first announcing she was stepping into the world of podcasting back in March, Demi Lovato has now revealed the deets of her new podcast.

The singer — in partnership with Cadence13, OBB Sound, and SB Projects — is launching 4D with Demi Lovato on May 19. The podcast will explore themes of identity, mental health, creativity, LGBTQIA+ rights and more, while featuring a wide range of guests, like Chelsea Handler, Jane Fonda and Jameela Jamil.

“Living in the Fourth Dimension means existing consciously in both time and space, but for me, it means having conversations that transcend the typical discourse,” Demi explains in a statement. “That’s my goal with this podcast.”

“With my production partners at Cadence13 and OBB Sound, the 4D podcast will be my place to highlight causes that are close to my heart and elevate my guests’ platforms to an audience they might not have previously reached,” she continues. “I want to bring listeners with me to learn from experts about timely topics and create a healthy discussion that ultimately cultivates more compassion for one another.”

New episodes of the podcast will debut every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere else podcasts are available. A companion video version of each episode will be available on Demi’s YouTube page.

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