Demi Lovato releases new song, “Substance,” reveals track list for ‘Holy F***’ album

After two weeks of teasing, Demi Lovato‘s new song “Substance” finally arrived Friday at midnight.

The pop star released the track, along with the music video, which features appearances from both Paris Hilton and Demetria Cherry, a Demi Lovato drag illusionist. 

Just hours ahead of the new single dropping, Demi shared the track list for her upcoming album, Holy F***.

“HOLY F*** takes me back to my roots. It’s a body of work that’s unapologetically me, and I can’t wait to perform it on tour for you,” they shared alongside the post. 

The project, which will be Demi’s eighth studio album, features 16 songs, including “Substance” and the previously released “Skin of My Teeth.” The album also only has two features — “Eat Me,” featuring Royal & The Serpent, and “Help Me,” featuring Dead Sara

Demi will kick off their Holy F*** Tour August 13, with the album dropping on August 19.

In the meantime, Demi made an appearance on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! where they performed their new single and spilled the details of an accident that led to a trip to the emergency room. 

“I’m a huge fan of crystals, I have, literally, an amethyst that is about this tall,” Demi explained. “Anyways, I bent down to pick something up and I didn’t see the amethyst and I hit my head and I had to get three stitches last night, in my face.”

“I was like, ‘I have Kimmel tomorrow, what do I do?"” she continued. “So I did what any sane person would do and made a TikTok.”

Demi also sang their hit “Confident,” backed by a musical toy train set up by Kimmel’s guest host, former NASA and Apple engineer and current YouTuber Mark Rober.

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