Deluxe edition of Taylor Swift’s ‘evermore’ with two bonus tracks now streaming

If you don’t have a CD player or a turntable, you can finally hear the deluxe version of evermore, Taylor Swift‘s second surprise album of 2020.

The singer has now made the deluxe version of the release available on streaming platforms, which means you can now hear two bonus tracks: “Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time to Go.”  They were previously only available on the CD and vinyl versions of the album.  Taylor’s also released lyric videos for both tracks.

The song “It’s Time to Go” is about how it’s better to cut your losses and leave a bad relationship or a bad job, rather than stay and continue to suffer. Taylor sings, “Sometimes giving up is the strong thing/ Sometimes to run is the brave thing.”

But one verse in particular seems to be about her decision to leave her longtime record label, following its past and present owners’ reported refusal to allow her to purchase her master recordings, except under what Taylor felt were unacceptable conditions.

Taylor sings, “15 years/15 million tears/begging til my knees bled/I gave it my all/he gave me nothing at all/then wondered why I left/Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones/praying to his greed/He’s got my past frozen behind glass/but I’ve got me.”

“Right Where You Left Me,” meanwhile, is about someone who can’t move on after a breakup. Taylor paints a detailed picture of a woman who’s still — emotionally, at least — sitting at the same restaurant where the breakup happened, frozen in time, covered in dust. 

“You left me no choice/but to stay here forever,” she sings.

By Andrea Dresdale
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