David Harbour would be saved by this ’90s song if he was ever attacked by ‘Stranger Things’ villain Vecna

David Harbour plays the protective Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, and while a good chunk of the cast has revealed what song would save them from being killed by the villainous Vecna, he’s remained quiet … until now.

For those who need refreshing, the season 4 villain kills people by infiltrating their minds and destroying them from the inside. He can be stopped, however, if his victim listens to their favorite song. Sadie Sink‘s Max escapes Vecna’s clutches with an assist from Kate Bush‘s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” — while Sink herself has said Taylor Swift’s “August” would be her go-to savior song.

Harbour has been cagey with his answer, until he was cornered by E!’s Nightly Pop. “Oh god,” he repeated. “It’s just so embarrassing. My taste in music is … I rarely reveal it.”

So, what song would save the actor from Vecna? He says “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows would be sure to “bring me back.”

“My sort of college years were the early ’90s, so that’s really where music became very important,” he explained, adding he’d blast his favorite tunes while “sitting in the dorm room.”

Harbour also shouted out Stone Temple Pilots for being contenders for his savior song — but he thinks “Mr. Jones” would have what it takes to “bring me back to college” … and to safety.

Stranger Things is streaming its fourth season now on Netflix.

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