Could a Taylor Swift/Peter Gabriel duet happen? UK paper thinks so

Taylor Swift has collaborated with a variety of different artists both on record and onstage, from Mick Jagger and Def Leppard to Fall Out Boy, Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran. But there are more than a few reasons to think that one day Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Peter Gabriel could be added to that list.

In an interview with the U.K. paper The Times, Gabriel is asked about Swift’s comments about him. According to the paper, she once said the former Genesis frontman and pioneering solo artist was “remarkable at giving people what they want but didn’t think they wanted.” 

In a 2014 interview with NPR, Taylor described Gabriel as “an artist who has such incredible taste and such an incredible finger on the pulse of what would excite people, musically.” She added, “What he was doing in the ’80s was so ahead of its time.”

“My daughter sent me some of the very kind things Taylor said about my music. I do have a lot of admiration for what she has done,” Gabriel tells the paper. “And given that she now has more economic clout than many small countries, I also thought it was very important that she stood up for artists’ rights — and told her so.”

But mutual admiration sometimes isn’t enough, so here are two more reasons why the duet could happen, according to The Times.

It seems that Oli Jacobs, the chief recording engineer at Gabriel’s Real World Studios, has started working with Taylor’s producer Jack Antonoff. And here’s the weird part: Jacobs is now dating Laura Sisk, who is Taylor’s recording engineer.

As The Times notes, “Expect that Gabriel-Swift duet sometime this century.”

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