Colbie Caillat is “so grateful” that Taylor Swift invited her back for ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’

When Taylor Swift re-recorded her album Fearless, she had some of the same musicians from the original album return for the project, including Colbie Caillat, who co-wrote and sang the song “Breathe” with Taylor on the 2008 version.  Colbie says redoing “Breathe” for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) gave her flashbacks to her first meeting with Taylor 13 years ago.

“It reminded me of the day we wrote it together in Nashville…she was just so sweet and warm and welcoming, and she brought me a gift, I remember,” Colbie tells ABC Audio. “And I had never met her! I just thought it was so, so kind of her.”

“It was recently that she asked me [to re-record the song],” adds Colbie. “And of course, I was so grateful that she wanted me to be a part of it again. She could have made changes. But I love this song and I love Taylor.”

According to Colbie, “Breathe” is about the end of a friendship, which Taylor was experiencing at the time.

“She was going through a lot of…changes in her career and with her band, and as touring musicians, your band and your crew, everyone becomes family,” Colbie explains. [But] you also have to grow…and make these shifts and changes.”

“So the song is about that: It’s about never wanting to hurt someone just because something is ending,” she adds.

Colbie thinks it’s “great” that Taylor is planning to re-record all her old albums.

“I know all artists would love to own their masters and none of us do,” she says. “She’s brilliant and smart and so talented. And so to want to recreate these albums that she wrote and produced, and own the masters, I think that it’s amazing that she’s doing that for herself.”

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