Cody Simpson reveals his new album will have “some” songs about ex Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has written her fair share of breakup anthems but, this time, she will be on the receiving end of a few after an old flame releases his new album.  

Cody Simpson, who dated the pop star after her divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth, told Billboard his upcoming album does feature a few songs about his ex.

Cody says, “There are some on there [about Miley,] for sure… I think there’s a couple inspired by a few different relationships I’ve had.” He had written a song about her when they were dating in 2019, “Golden Thing.”

He adds pal Justin Bieber enjoyed a sneak peek of the album and “was really happy about it…He really liked it and called me right away.”

The Olympic hopeful also brought up the mythical collaboration album he and Justin worked on in 2014, but admits it will continue to sit in the vault because “We haven’t really spoken about it a whole lot since then.”  But he tells fans not to give up hope because, “I’d really like to hear that stuff one day because it was very good… Maybe I should hit him up because I think it would be cool.”

Cody will release the lead single off his upcoming album on January 25, called “Nice to Meet You,” which he says will be a “perfect re-introductory statement to me and my music.”

The currently unnamed album will be the follow up to the Australian artist’s 2015 offering, Free.


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