Christina Aguilera says Mulan’s “Loyal Brave True” is the “perfect closure to a powerful movie”

The COVID-19 pandemic means that a number of movies that were going to screen in theaters ended up streaming instead — and according to some new data, some of them were very successful, including the live- action Mulan on Disney+.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise to Christina Aguilera, who sings the movie’s end credit song “Loyal Brave True.”

Christina — whose recording of “Reflection” from the original animated version of Mulan led to her landing a record deal — also recorded an updated version of the song for the live-action version.  However, she thinks “Loyal Brave True” really sums up the message of the film, which is about a young woman in Imperial China who poses as a man so she can go to war in place of her elderly father.

“There’s such an amazing vulnerability to strength, and how we appear on the outside isn’t always how we feel on the inside,” Christina explains. “And ‘Loyal Brave True,’ I think really [reflects] that fine balance between vulnerability and strength.”

Christina says the song “came together in such a poetic and beautiful way,” adding, “It’s such a perfect closure to a powerful movie.”

According to numbers crunched by marketing research firm ScreenEngine/ASI and quoted by Variety, Mulan is among the five most popular streaming video on-demand movies of the year so far, along with Amazon Prime’s Borat 2: Subsequent Moviefilm and My Spy, Extraction on Netflix and Disney+’s Hamilton and Phineas & Ferb the Movie.

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By Andrea Dresdale & Steve Iervolino
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