Charlie Puth flips on “Light Switch,” first single from new album ‘CHARLIE’

After teasing it for months on TikTok, Charlie Puth has finally released his new song and video “Light Switch.”

“On the songwriting level, it was really cool to share this song with the fans while I made it, so they felt like they were involved at the very beginning of the song, like they almost wrote it with me,” Charlie says of the new track.

The song is the first single from Charlie’s upcoming album CHARLIE, which will be his third full-length release.  In an installment of one of Vogue’s “24 Hours With” series, Charlie notes that the album is his most personal yet.

“I’ve never had a chance to put out music that is truly me,” he explains. “And every song on this album is my personality with some melody attached to it.”

As for the “Light Switch” music video, the Grammy nominee portrays a man who sinks into a deep funk after losing the love of his life.  He is thrust into action after an ad for Light Switch Aerobics flashes on the television and the instructor puts him through self-care boot camp.  The hilarious video sees Charlie undergoing a much-needed makeover, shedding his beer belly and reclaiming his confidence.

But there’s a twist — once Charlie is back in fighting shape and tries to win back his love, he discovers she’s already fallen for someone else.  

The infectious single is about being unable to walk away from someone who strings him along like a plaything.

“You turn me on like a light switch/ When you’re movin’ your body around and around/ You got me in a tight grip/ You know how to just make me want you, baby,” he sings in the upbeat chorus.

“Light Switch” is available to stream and purchase now.

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