Camila Cabello thinks she saw a UFO while hiking in South America

Camila Cabello wants her fans to know she’s not a big believer in aliens — but a strange sighting in South America may have her reconsidering her stance.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon she was grilled about a video she captured while exploring a hiking trail with her parents. Camila noted the area was experiencing “a lot of spooky activity … Like, I’m talking UFO alien activity.”  

“I don’t want to believe and then I see something that isn’t there,” she added before showing the odd video. “I’m not super into the extraterrestrial. I’m coming from a more skeptical mind.” She revealed her dad, who is a fan of UFO documentaries, flagged the odd sighting when he was reviewing their hiking photos.

Camila said she slowed down the footage and admits, “I think that we might have caught a UFO.” The video shows that, as her mom and dad turn around to smile at the camera, three circular objects shoot overhead and toward the mountains in the background.

“It’s not a bird. It’s not a phone thing,” she stressed. As for what she believes now, Camila revealed, “I think the aliens trusted me to capture a UFO moment.”

The singer joked that maybe the paranormal event happened to her because she wasn’t hoping to see one — as it wasn’t even on her radar — and that’s why she was chosen to experience the strange sight.

“They wanted to convince you,” Fallon ruled.

Camila isn’t the only singer who believes we aren’t alone in the universe. Post MaloneKesha and Demi Lovato have all come forward with their own paranormal experiences.

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