Camila Cabello has a “trauma bond” with duet partner Lil Nas X: Hes a “true artist”

Camila Cabello‘s latest song, “He Knows,” is a collab with Lil Nas X, and she says she admires how he “keeps evolving.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Camila says, “We’ve been supportive of each other’s careers and supportive of each other for years now. I remember meeting him backstage … maybe five years ago when ‘Old Town Road’ was big. He just kept evolving.”

“He is unapologetically himself. He’s a true, f***** great artist,” she continues. “When he wrote his verse, I was so excited because he was so hesitant about doing features. He had never done a feature with anybody before, so we were like, ‘I don’t know if he’s going to say “yes.”‘ But I think he really resonated with the project and my album because he heard the whole thing and was excited about what we were doing.”

Camila also tells Rolling Stone she and Nas share a “trauma bond” because on the way to a club to debut “He Knows,” they and their teams got stuck in an elevator for an hour.

“Panic attacks were happening left and right, honey,” she says. “People were dropping like flies emotionally, but me and Nas, we were cracking jokes — but were low-key terrified.” 

Especially after Nas’ security guard warned them that they might pass out due to everyone exhaling carbon monoxide in such a small space.

Camila laughs, “We were an hour late to the club and we got there and we were like, ‘We’re getting blackout drunk. This is a celebration of not just our song, but the fact that we did not get carbon-monoxide poisoning today.’”

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