Camila Cabello gushes over Lana Del Rey after Coachella appearance: “i am at your service forever”

On April 19, Camila Cabello was Lana Del Rey‘s special guest at Coachella, performing her new single “I LUV IT,” and the next day, she took to Instagram to gush about the experience.

Posting a photo of herself and Lana embracing, Camila wrote, “not only is [Lana Del Rey] a once in a lifetime artist [but] billie [eilish] said it best, she’s the reason for all you b****** existence including me !!!!”

Last weekend, Billie Eilish joined Lana onstage and said of the “Video Games” singer, “This is the reason for half you b******’ existence — including mine!”

Camila continued raving about Lana, writing, “she’s inspired so many artists visually lyrically musically and moved the art form forward but I think you all should know that sometimes it’s good to meet your heroes
because she is also disarmingly sweet and generous and loving also how is she so god damn pretty holy f***.”

“i don’t really know who i would be without female artists like her who show me what’s possible,” Camila continued. “how to be free how to be hard and soft at the same time how to make your life a work of art thank you for including us in your moment last night. i am at your service forever my girl.”

Camila also posted video to her Instagram Story of Lana performing, and wrote, “forever in awe of you.”

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