Camila Cabello celebrates her Cuban heritage, says music is “an anchor of who I am”

Camila Cabello embraced her Cuban heritage in her album Familia and is glad she was able to share such an important part of herself with her fans.

Speaking in Spanish to Vogue Mexico, the singer explains how the album helped her evolve as a person and find her identity. Camila says she isn’t the same person she was two years ago, noting how the COVID-19 pandemic created “such a lonely moment” for everyone during lockdown.

Camila used the time to focus on her mental health and found comfort in her roots, so she reconnected with them in order to live her “healthiest and happiest life.”

“I have had times in my life where I really miss the Latin culture,” Camila says, but admits she feels like an outsider when she visits Mexico and Cuba because she grew up in America — unlike her parents. She says Familia was inspired by the feeling of “missing” something she couldn’t fully experience.

“These last two years I was in the core of my family, so the songs I heard was the music I grew up with, the ones my mom and dad listened to,” she says. “I wanted to recreate it on this record, literally with my family, because it resonates with me on so many levels.”

Camila adds, “Now it is like the first time that I feel that I am really in contact with the music of today and, for me, it is very exciting.”

“Being … a Latina woman in the United States, music for me is an anchor of who I am,” Camila says. “Also the language, even if you are not in Latin America, makes you feel connected with your people. I love that.”

Camila wants to “learn more about my culture,” which continues to inspire her.

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