BTS says they have “no choice” but to keep on making music

BTS seems to release albums and singles non-stop — like their new track “Butter” — but according to the group, since they’re currently not able to tour, they have no choice.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, BTS member RM says, “Our two biggest bases…one is…making music. Another thing is performing. And now, performing is just collapsed so the only base we still have is making music. In spite of the situation, all we can do is just keep making music.”

RM says, “We’ve done kind of like calm and serious vibes, like ‘Life Goes On,’ and maybe something with a consoling vibes like ‘Dynamite.’ Now, what we can do is just release a cool summer song and make people dance in their rooms or houses or anywhere to just give them energy and help them survive. I think it helps us, too.”

BTS also tells Apple Music through an interpreter, “We wanted to have a summer song that can heal and console people. That’s why we chose this song and that’s why we decided to release this song.”

The group also explained through an interpreter that it’s hard for them to comprehend all the records they’ve broken in the past few years.

“When we see these amazing numbers and the records, we are always thankful, [but] sometimes, it’s hard to believe that it’s reality,” they say. “Sometimes [we] question, ‘Is it right? Do we deserve all of this love?’ What’s a bit unfortunate is, because of COVID, it’s hard to actually feel…and to really experience all this love that the people are giving us.”

The group adds, “We all hope that the time will come soon when we’ll be able to actually see this love and really experience it ourselves.”

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