Britney Spears calls Jamie Lynn a “selfish little brat” in scathing Instagram post

 Britney Spears called her sister a “selfish little brat” in a scathing new message following Jamie Lynn Spears‘ tell-all on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Britney first shared her thoughts on Tuesday, but quickly deleted them.  Now, the gloves are off and, on Wednesday, she added three more pages.

The “Toxic” singer refuted Jamie Lynn’s recollection of her youth, where she said she was an “afterthought” and felt she “didn’t matter,” and said their mother, Lynne Spears, “worshipped” and doted on Jamie Lynn.

“I flew home to Jamie Lynn on the couch watching her tv shows right after Justin [Timberlakeand I broke up… I was a ghost there !!!!!” she remarked and claimed Jamie Lynn teased her about the breakup.  “When I came home you and your little friends all thought I wasn’t cool… You and your friends all dyed your hair like Christina Aguilera and [said] you no longer would play with me anymore !!!”

Britney claimed their mom’s preferential treatment of Jamie Lynn enabled her to act like a “selfish little brat.”  She then referenced a story from Jamie Lynn’s Things I Should Have Said memoir about their mother hitting her with a purse and recalled what prompted the alleged abuse.

“My mouth was on the floor the way you talked back to Mamma when I came home … Shocked out of my mind,” she wrote. “You were f****** hateful to her.”

Britney ended by refuting Jamie Lynn’s story that she was the one who drove a wedge in their relationship.  “I NEVER shut you out ever… You can paint it however you like but dear child … YOU shut me out when i needed you the most !!!! Writing in your book saying I wasn’t like your mom anymore … No, you hurt me.”

Jamie Lynn has yet to respond.

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