Billie Eilish hid her hair under a Halloween wig before revealing her new blonde look

Bille Eilish was one of Stephen Colbert‘s guests on CBS’ Late Show on Monday and she made a few shocking revelations, including the admission that she appeared in public wearing a “Billie Eilish Halloween wig” for weeks before debuting her new blond look.

Eilish says she wasn’t pranking anyone, explaining, “Going from black to blonde is a big thing.  And to do it right and…where you’re not murdering your hair and keeping it healthy, I did the first process, and then waited two weeks so that it could kind of heal and then again and I waited two weeks and then waited a week.  So I knew that it would have this processing period where it would look insane and I didn’t want to look insane.”

Billie debuted the new look in a British Vogue cover story, and broke her own record for reaching a million likes on Instagram — in less than six minutes. She told Colbert she had mixed feeling about the response.

While she was excited, Eilish says “I think it makes me never want to post again…I feel like I wanted to post more when people cared, and now that more people care it’s, like, scary.”

The 19-year-old pop star also explained what inspired her to publish a photo book covering her life from birth through the present, noting it’s “more powerful” and “personal” than posting on Instagram.

“As a fan, I…would love something like that of an artist that I’m a fan of,” she noted.

Eilish also discussed — and later performed — her new single, “Your Power,” of which she called “my favorite song that I’ve ever written.”

“I’m very proud of myself with this song, I guess, and I feel that I can never top it,” she gushed.

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