Billie Eilish and her mom to be honored by the Environmental Media Association

Billie Eilish is very vocal about her concerns for the environment, and regularly speaks out about climate change and the benefits of switching to a vegan diet — but she didn’t develop these views out of the blue. 

Her mother, Maggie Baird, has been an outspoken climate activist for over 40 years and helped set Billie on her path. Now, her advocacy is going to be recognized by the Environmental Media Association.

Both Billie and her mom will be honored with the EMA Missions in Music Award during the EMA Gala on October 8. The two are being celebrated “for their incredible work as role models for sustainable behavior.”

Previous winners of this award include Alanis MorissetteAdam LevineDave Matthews and Willie Nelson.

Billie has used her platform to advocate for sustainably sourced clothing and food. She recently released a sustainably sourced and recyclable shoe with Nike, and the Gucci dress she wore at the Met Gala was made of upcycled materials. 

As for her mother, she’s behind the charity Support + Feed, which is aimed at tackling both hunger and climate change by utilizing plant-based food.

“I’m thrilled to accept the EMA Missions in Music Award this year alongside my daughter,” Baird said in a statement. “I’m so proud that Billie uses her voice to inspire a younger audience and advocate for change.”

“It’s a dream come true that Billie and I share the same passion in tackling the climate crisis. We are stronger together and I know that she’ll continue to make a tremendous impact on this Earth for the next generation,” she closed.

The 32nd annual EMA Awards gala takes place October 8.

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