Billie Eilish acknowledges those mysterious billboards are connected to her

Billie Eilish has acknowledged that the mysterious billboards with weird phrases on them do indeed have something to do with her.

Fans on social media have been sharing photos of the billboards, which include Eilish’s “blohsh” logo as well as cryptic phrases like “She’s the headlights I’m the deer” and “Did I cross the line?” Fans have been predicting that the billboards are displaying lyrics from her upcoming album.

On April 3, Billie shared a photo of one of those billboards to her Instagram Story that said, “Do you know how to bend?” It’s now been deleted, but it’s been captured by fans. The blue in the lettering matches the solid blue color that she’s currently using for her profile pics on Facebook and Instagram.

On April 4, Billie posted a photo to her Instagram Story that shows a darker blue background with white splatters on it and a hand in the lower right-hand corner. The post is also marked with a green star, denoting that only people Billie has added to her “Close Friends” list can see the post. Right now, that list apparently includes everybody.

Eilish’s most recent album is 2021’s Happier Than Ever. In December, she shared that a follow-up is “almost done” and revealed in February that the record had been mastered.

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