Best Husband Ever? Man buys $1,000 worth of Eras Tour movie tix so wife can be surrounded by fellow Swifties

If you go to see Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour concert film without a theater full of fellow Swifties, what are you even doing? That’s why one man shelled out big bucks to make his wife’s trip to the theater into an “enchanted to meet you” experience.

As The Denver Post reports, Casi Gerber was planning to go to the movie, but since she didn’t have any fellow Swiftie pals in her hometown of Boulder, she wasn’t sure she’d have a good time. “I was going to go by myself, but I didn’t want to be the only person dancing and singing by myself,” Casi told the paper. So, her husband Greg came to the rescue.

As a surprise, he put up a social media post inviting any Boulder-area Swiftie a free ticket to the movie, so his wife would be able to see it in a theater stocked with Swifties. Greg offered to buy up to $1,000 in tickets — the equivalent of about 50 tickets.

“Compared to what we paid on the damn concert tickets, this is nothing,” Greg, who’d gone to see two Eras Tour shows with Casi, told the Post.

About 20 people showed up at the theater to take Greg up on his offer, and Casi was thrilled. “We’re all chatting and all having a good time, and we haven’t even gone into the theater,” Casi told the Post before the film started. “This just shows that any Swiftie can be friends with another Swiftie. You’re automatically best friends.”

Greg’s reward for his sweet gesture? A friendship bracelet Casi made him that says, “Best Husband Award.”

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