Avril Lavigne has worked for 22 years to make sure her set list is 100% hits

Avril Lavigne is kicking off the North American leg of her Greatest Hits tour Wednesday in Vancouver, and fans should be ready to hear all her biggest songs — because Avril says she’s finally reached a point in her career where she’s able to have a stacked set list.

Avril told ABC News that the tour, her seventh, will be “celebrating 22 years into my career.” She added, “I’m really excited. It’s going to be amazing, like, to have seven albums and to go through all the hits, the singles. It’s something that I’ve worked a long time — 22 years — to get to this point.”

Avril notes that when she started her career back in 2002, it was a lot harder for her put together a live show. “I remember, like, on my first album, making my set list, being like, ‘I want to be like Green Day, where they just play, like, all hits, all singles,"” she says.

“Like, on my first album, I only had like three singles at the time,” she notes. “And so, like, my whole set list is all singles.”

Avril recently told the Call Her Daddy podcast that in addition to all her own songs, she plans to cover Green Day and perform “Breakaway,” the song she wrote that became a huge hit for Kelly Clarkson.

Opening for Avril on the tour are fellow Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan, who opened for her on her very first tour, plus All Time Low, Royal & the Serpent and Girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Avril will release her first Greatest Hits album on June 21.  Her new collaboration with country star Nate Smith, “Bulletproof,” is out now.

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