Ava Max & Lindsey Stirling: two extremes of celebrity Halloween

Most celebrities seem to enjoy dressing up for Halloween, so they can post pictures on their socials showing how awesome they looked in their costumes.  But Ava Max says she’d rather sit back and watch people dressing up…as her.

Ava’s distinctive hairstyle, with one side longer than the other, seems like a natural for a Halloween costume, and she says she’s definitely seen fans do that.

“I just remember that last year, they did wear, like, the wigs with the half-and-half haircut, the Max Cut,” she tells ABC Audio. “It was just funny watching people put it on. I’m not used to it, so I’m sure [this year] there will be more people. I have no idea — I’m just going to sit back and relax on Halloween.”

She admits, “I don’t really dress up that much anymore. “I try to just relax, or perform or do something else other than dress up. I feel like I dressed up a lot growing up. I was, like, everything!”

On the opposite of the spectrum is Lindsey Stirling: The chart-topping violinist literally has a Halloween Tree in her house.

“I love dressing up. I love costumes,” she tells ABC Audio. “It’s a big part of my career…[and] I guess, thinking about it, it didn’t have to be a part of being a violinist…but for me, I love making costumes, so definitely — I’m a big fan!”

In fact, so far this year, Lindsey already been a peacock, and she has two more costumes planned.

“I’m going to be David Bowie [as the Goblin King] from Labyrinth, which I’m very excited about,” she tells ABC Audio. “And then I’m going with a group as, like, Peter Pan-themed and I’m Mr. Smee...that’s the one I’m the most excited for!”





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