Ariana Grande thanks fans for “yes, and?” love: “I appreciate you all so deeply”

While Ariana Grande fans are busy enjoying her new single, “yes, and?,” she has returned to filming Wicked. However, on January 19, she posted a special Instagram Story thanking fans for their response to her first new solo single in several years.

“this has been such a very busy and beautiful week!” she wrote. “i have been floating in a bubble over here in Oz, creating with my dearest Ozian family, savoring each moment as much as possible, all while releasing one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made, and feeling an overwhelming amount of love in return.”

“Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude,” she continued. “thank you for your positivity and for dancing and for loving and for just being. I love and appreciate you all so deeply.”

Ariana’s new album, eternal sunshine, arrives March 8. Wicked hits theaters in November.

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