Ariana Grande makes the critics crumble in clever new video for “yes, and?”

Ariana Grande‘s new single “yes, and?” is a pointed takedown of haters who’ve criticized her for everything from her body to her love life. In the video for the track, she confronts those haters head-on and wins them over to her side.

The clip begins with a group of critics, who’ve been invited to an exclusive listening session, grousing about Ariana’s music, looks and side hustles. They enter a large loft space and take their seats in front of a collection of statues, which depict Ari and a group of dancers. Suddenly, the statues crumble, and flesh-and-blood Ari and the dancers emerge to perform the song.

“I’m so done with caring what you think/no, I won’t hide/underneath your own projections/Or change my most authentic life,” Ari sings. “Don’t comment on my body, do not reply/Your business is yours and mine is mine/Why do you care so much whose d*** I ride?

As the critics watch, they get more and more into it. During the breakdown of the song, Ariana walks up and sings seductively to them, which encourages some of them to throw off their inhibitions and join her in the dance routine.

As the song ends, Ari and the dancers morph into statues once again. The ecstatic critics cheer and applaud as they walk out, raving, “They’ll just love it! They’ll love it!” As they exit, another group of critics enter, ready to undergo their own transformation.

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