Ariana Grande finally shows us how to nail her “signature eyeliner technique”

Ariana Grande has finally released her best-kept secret: how to nail her “signature” eyeliner technique. 

The “Positions” singer is known for her flawless cat eye and recently showed how she’s able to make the perfect winged tip with a single stroke of her eyeliner. Since then, fans have begged Ari to teach them her ways.  She finally granted Arinators’ wish on Thursday by sharing a tutorial to Instagram

“So I’ve been asked to demonstrate my eyeliner technique. I don’t know if it’s a good technique — I didn’t promise that — but I said I’d do it,” she began, adding the way she applies her eyeliner is “right for me.”

Ari infused her witty humor into the video, from calling out her team’s request she do the video in a “cheeky” British accent to using lingo that’s popular with the “younger generation.”

She also commented on the fact she isn’t wearing her wedding ring in the video, explaining that it’s being cleaned and quipping, “I am not getting a divorce.”

While speaking like a Brit, Ariana said she was “butchering” the accent, and then said, “And now I will butcher my eyeliner.”  She then held a finger on her temple to straighten her eyelid and, with, excellent marksmanship, drew on her eyeliner with a chunky eye pencil. It also should be noted that Ari looks down as she did it.

And while she did draw a perfect wing, the singer struggled to line her lower eyelid and cursed, “I got it on my bloody contact!” Lining her other eye also went as smoothly, with Ari declaring, “Well. It went well once!”  She then asked her followers to duet the video with her and show off their own techniques.

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