Ariana Grande aka “Peaches” announces next ‘eternal sunshine’ single

Ariana Grande really leaned into the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of it all while announcing her next single.

She posted a video on Instagram of a scene inspired by the film: She’s seen in the waiting room of a company called Brighter Days Inc. going over a consent form that reads, “You have given extensive thought behind your decision and give Brighter Days Inc. the exclusive permission to remove this person completely from your memory.”

She then checks the “Yes” box and signs her name “Peaches,” with a heart. The next screen reads, “‘we can’t be friends’ coming soon.” That’s the title of one of the songs on her album eternal sunshine, which is out March 8.

In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kate Winslet‘s character, Clementine — which presumably inspired the moniker “Peaches” — undergoes a procedure to have the memories of her estranged boyfriend Joel, played by Jim Carrey, erased by a company called Lacuna.

Because Ariana has said she doesn’t want to put out any more singles until her album arrives, fans won’t hear “we can’t be friends” until at least March 8. The clip on Instagram appears to be a scene from the song’s video; Ari also posted photos of herself wearing the same outfit with the caption “brighter days ahead.”

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