Andy Grammer says prioritizing mental health is not a form of weakness

Andy Grammer is known for being the good guy in the music industry, but he admits he sometimes struggles with his mental health — and says that’s perfectly normal.

Speaking to Healthline, the “Fresh Eyes” singer said the pandemic forced him to take a hard look at how he was managing and coping with his mental health struggles. 

“[When] it got completely quiet and I was not allowed to leave my house and not allowed to be around thousands of people and not allowed, honestly, to just be distracted, I was forced to sit with myself, and that was not super fun,” Andy admitted. 

He added, “[I] realized, oh, I got a lot of work inside, invisible work to do here that I don’t think I would have done as soon if it hadn’t been for the pandemic.”

Andy is encouraging his male fans to take their mental health seriously in an upcoming appearance on the Man Enough podcast. His forthcoming episode tackles “what it is about guys that we feel like going to therapy is weak or something.”

“I had to be completely destroyed to say, ‘Ok, fine, I’ll go to therapy.’ Why does it have to be that way? Why do I have to be so clearly not capable of going about my day to then say, ‘Ok, I think I need some help,"” he questioned.

Andy also hopes to normalize going to therapy because it can be scary for some.

“I was afraid to own the darker sides of myself. So, therefore, it’s just a little bit scary to acknowledge that to even yourself that you’re not perfect,” he explained. He urged his fans to “deal with the stuff inside yourself” so you can become “a complete version of yourself.”

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