Andy Grammer on what being a dad has taught him: “This is the main reason for being alive”

Andy Grammer is a proud girl dad.

The singer is gearing up to spend Father’s Day with his two daughters: four-year-old Louisiana and one-year-old Israel. Andy tells ABC Audio that since becoming a dad, he realized what everyone was saying about parenthood is true.

“You can’t know until you’re a dad how sweet that is,” he says. “You hear people say it and you roll your eyes — at least I did. You roll your eyes [when people say], ‘It’s the most important thing in my life.’ You go, ‘Sure, sure, sure, sure."”

He continues, “And then you become a dad. You’re like, ‘Oh no, this is it. This is the main reason for being alive, is to facilitate the growth of these little girls."”

Andy also has a bonus at-home audience now. He considers Louie and Izzy his test audience when it comes to new music. Louisiana, he says, has already started to show some singing talents of her own.

“She’s pretty outgoing and she’s got really good pitch. And she sings a lot and dances a lot,” he says. “And the little one is just — she’s very aggressive and high-pitched screaming. So we’ll see. We’ll see what that turns into.”

As for his Father’s Day plans this Sunday, Andy says, “I might like to do, like, specific little…daughter dates with them, because getting one on one 1719003177 is really, really sweet.”

Andy’s new single, “Lease on Life,” comes out June 28. He’s also partnered up with Quaker Chewy to write a summer camp anthem with the help of fans, to raise money for the American Camp Association.

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