Andy Grammer got a new “Lease on Life” when his pandemic baby arrived

Andy Grammer‘s new single “Lease on Life” was inspired by the birth of his daughter Israel Blue, aka Izzy, who arrived in April of 2020, during the height of the pandemic.  Andy says having such wonderful thing happen during such a dark time really lifted his spirits.

“That was the first song that was really about my second daughter, and…her coming in at the time she came in was really special,” Andy tells ABC Audio. “It was like this funny thing where you have the crazy pandemic and it’s so hard in L.A.: Nobody knows what the hell’s going on, we’re washing our groceries. Life is just, like, hard.”

“But…there’s nothing that could be going on in the world that, when you have a baby, you’re not just overjoyed,” he explains. “It’s so sweet.”

Now that Izzy’s a little older, Andy says that both she and her big sister, Louisiana, aka Louie, understand that both of them have inspired Daddy to write songs about them.  But when it comes to “Lease on Life,” Andy says, “In our house, everybody knows it’s Izzy’s song.”

And rather than being jealous, Andy says, “Louie’ll get in the car and say, ‘Can you play Izzy’s song?’ It’s sweet.  She’s cool, she’s pretty generous.”

Andy’s new video for “Lease on Life” will premiere today at 7 p.m. ET.

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