Andy Grammer enlists Pentatonix member for song about missing one of his “favorite activities of being alive”

Andy Grammer turned himself into a one-man band — and then recruited Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix — to sing on social media about how much he misses performing live for his fans.

On Instagram, Andy has posted a brief song about missing his fans and performing live. He shot himself singing the song and playing all the different instruments — piano, trumpet, trombone and bass — and then edited the elements together to look like he’s accompanying himself.  Then, he threw in a video of Kevin playing cello and providing vocal accompaniment.

“Sometimes is just hits me like a ton of bricks how much I miss singing with all of you,” Andy captioned the energetic video. “It is one of my favorite activities of being alive and I’ve been without it now for so damn long. Just a little reminder that this is a unique time and it’s not forever. Can’t wait to feel your energy sometime in the future.”

In the song, Andy sings, “I miss the sound of thousands of people singing in unison/I miss the sense of common ground and the unity it can bring/I miss the way that strangers morph into family in the crowd/And watching from the crowd as people sing their stresses out.”

“I miss the movement/the out of body experience of when the music/picks your soul up off the floor and makes you two-step!” he continues. “I miss the view yeah/of all of you, yeah/I’m missing you, yeah/Just remember, this is not the end/We’ll play shows again/We’ll be back! You’ll be back.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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