Adam Levine jokes that he “doesn’t support” Blake & Gwen’s marriage

Just because Adam Levine isn’t on The Voice anymore doesn’t mean that he has to stop making fun of Blake Shelton.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, Ellen asked Adam what role he plans to have at Blake’s upcoming wedding to fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani.  “I don’t support their marriage,” Adam replied.

“She’s so cool, and he’s not,” Adam continued. When Ellen pointed out that Blake is “very funny and very smart,” Adam grudgingly admitted, “He’s vaguely charming.”

“I miss this,” the Maroon 5 frontman added. “I miss making so much fun of him!” 

“I’ll go to the wedding, and I’ll object, I will probably not be invited now that I’m saying this on live television, but I’ll be there somehow,” Adam continued. 

“I’ll be your date, let’s go together,” Ellen suggested.

“Let’s go together: Let’s just crash!” Adam replied. 

Of course, Adam knows a thing or two about crashing weddings, as Maroon 5’s video for “Sugar” demonstrates.

Meanwhile, we don’t even know when Blake and Gwen are getting married. Despite all their famous musical friends, Gwen said recently that the two might just have a playlist at the ceremony, because they’re keeping things very small and intimate.

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